Marketing Challenges

There was once a time when SEOs used to focus all of their time and energy on giving their rankings a boost.  Many SEOs still try to boost their site rankings to this day, but their priorities have changed due to how much SEO has changed over the years.  SEO has gone through so many changes over the past few years. Most, if not all, of these changes are because of the updates that Google has made on their algorithms.

Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithms have definitely done a number on SEO.  Google’s two updates have forever changed the SEO landscape.   One can’t help but wonder how SEO will work in 2013 since it is no longer as simple as before.   Here are a few things you may want to remember with regards to SEO in 2013.

Give Importance to Keyword Importance over Density

Try to put all of your attention towards keyword importance instead of keyword density.  You can pull this off by making use of TF-IDF, or term frequency-inverse documentary. This is a numerical statistic which reflects the importance of a certain word to a document in a corpus or a collection.  The classic way of trying to make your keywords standout is no longer as effective as it used to be which means that you will need a bit of sophistication to get around Google’s algorithms.

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