Cant Stop Eating Sweets? Do This, And Be Free From That Addiction

More than 35 million people worldwide eat more sugar than they should. Each of us, on average, eats 70 pounds of sugar annually, which is much more than what you should. The reason for this is not only in caloric intake, but in the fact that sugar doesn’t make us feel more full, but hungry. Sugar causes rapid insulin secretion, followed by a rapid drop in sugar, which causes re-hunger and the need for the next candy. And so on. People who eat a lot of sweets have a greater need for – sweet food.

More carbohydrates, less desire for sugar

SugarThe ultimate goal of solving this problem is to keep the blood sugar level stable. It is important to have regular meals that keep us full until the next scheduled meal. By combining complex carbohydrates, such as integral cereals, and vegetables, in balance with other foods, we can prevent high blood sugar levels. Thus, part of the usual daily sweets will be replaced by healthier foods. Because of the complex carbohydrates, the desire for sweets will become smaller.

That’s why if you want to be healthy, to maintain a line or to lose weight – do not eat too much or too little. If you feel full most of your day, you will avoid sudden oscillations of blood sugar, which trigger the desire for sweets. And that means, first of all, a good breakfast – a meal with yogurt, fruit, seeds or an integral bread with cheese, vegetables, green salad… Complex carbohydrates will also help with stress, anger or other negative emotions when it’s very hard to resist sweet.

Swetts can become tasteless, it’s up to you 

Swetts can become tasteless, it’s up to you A planned strategy may influence our behavior. How? Taste as a feature is a matter of habit and, fortunately, it is variable. Each of us had some food that we don’t like, such as olives, broccoli, fish – and then later we started to like it. Trough the taste, therefore, we can influence the consciousness, the taste can be trained, directed, repaired. This is a very important fact and it is necessary to strive for a situation in which sweets simply lose their attractiveness. This great victory, that sweet is not really so tasty, will save us – not only from the calories burned but also from the accompanying stress.